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Why upgrade to Windows? Try Linux for FREE!

With many flaws being found in Windows 10, why not try Linux for free? all flavors of Linux (including Linux Mint) are offered for download FOR FREE. There is no trial period, no payment required. Read more here...

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Make a laptop with a raspberry Pi zero?

Is it possible to use the new raspbaerry Pi zero to build a laptop? YES IT IS!


Click here for more info...

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Who killed the Mocking bird? What the heck am I talking about? Well, the new release from Harper Lee some 20 years after the Pulitzer Prize winning novel To Kill A Mockingbird. I am sure you are familiar with the title but how many have actually read the novel. Mocking Bird was released in 1999 and voted as Best Novel of the Century by some book voting guide or whatnot. Books a Million (yes they are still around) just had a surprising uplift in its stock performance and right on the heels was the release of Go Set A Watchman.. KA BOOM! Hot off the digital press, this thing is rocking. Its available in the fun to hold and turn the pages hardback cover for about $17 or via Amazon for the Kindle around $14 and for you lazy people who want a bed time story read to you, Audible for around $25. This author even received a Presidential Medal of Freedom for literature back in 2007 and has been secluded for most of her career. Whats the big deal, well this story was original written back in the mid 1950s before To kill a Mocking Bird. Was assumed to be lost and then recently found. Just proves that Old can be New again. So take a pause from your digital day, get yourself a copy (digital or paper) and spend a little down time by the pool this summer and enjoy the work of Harper Lee.

harper lee





Also, for the computer side of this blog and staying within topic, have you backed up your files lately?  Did you miss the national back up day this year.  I will have another blog on the subject about not just your data files and syncing with the cloud that can mistakenly deleted as well, but a real back up.  Until then, contact the services of this host.  WWW.INTERONUSA.COM for their back up services.  I think you will find their pricing amazingly affordable. From home use to corporate, they provide it all.   Just send them an email for information.  


Thanks for reading my blog, let me know if you have any comments or what you might like to read about in my next blog. Enjoy your summer, Shelby

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FIREFOX Version 39 update release. Avoid the Logjam!

Firefox version 39 update release as of July 2nd,/ 7th

.firefox logo1

If you use Firefox as your browser and haven't done a recent update, then you need to right away. There are some holes in previous versions that allow for a virus called LOGJAM to take control of sensitive information like your passwords and credit card numbers. It works much the same way as Heartbleed does and gives access to hackers a portal into your computer. It has to do with the internet encryption code from your computer to the place you are going, say the bank, shopping site, online bill payment site, etc. There are plenty of articles on the web where you can learn more about each of these if you need more technical information. But in the mean time, do yourself a favor and upgrade your browser to the latest version. (39.0) Note, Beta version 40 is also available in most areas. You can also update your mobile version as well (Android).


Just a bit of techno here, you must use a 1024 bit encryption code and avoid sites that use 512 or less, its just too easy for a good computer system to crack those codes these days. What does that mean to you, well most all Web browsers are providing releases that modify their services to default to only sites that use 1024. As with any update, there can be some compatibility issues to take in consideration and be sure to check out the Mozilla developers network for more information. This will normally apply to someone doing much more than just standard internet browsing or home use, however if you run across a less than 1023 DHE key, you may receive the following type of error: SSL received a weak ephemeral Diffie-Helliman key in Server Key Exchange handshake error code weak ephemeral_dh_key message. This is just telling you that the site you attempted to reach is at risk with a less than acceptable cryptography.

This is not the end of the rapid release updates from Mozilla. You may have already heard the buzz about the company releasing test versions of the new virtual-reality technology that could make surfing on the internet more like playing games or watching movies. Thats a whole other story with MozVR. Just the Mozilla's way to stay compatible with Hololens, Oculus and other 3D rendering technologies in play.  More to come on that later.  So go update your browser. 

You can go to the following site to upgrade your Firefox browser:


Firefox: 39.0 (new release)

Firefox Beta 40

Developers version 41.

I have checked some of the Nerd sites for you and found that the upgrades are pretty stable and uneventful. Mozilla was to release the new version on July 2nd but postponed to work out a couple of bugs and released the final version on July 7th



Well, hope you enjoyed the information and find it useful, if you have any questions or comments, please let me or the administrator of www.interonusa.com know and we will be happy to assist. Be sure to check out all the blogs found on the site.




FIREFOX and related Logos are trademarks of Mozilla. 

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OH NO MR BILL ... Hurricane! Weather APP and NOAA


We are into the Hurricane Season for 2015 and have already tracked a storm in the Pacific and now in the Gulf of Mexico. NOAA has predicted a lower than normal season for major storms but that doesn't mean we won't have the potential for danger or damage from upcoming weather systems. Its not just the coastal areas that can be impacted by these storms. For example, the southern states have experienced record setting rainfall recently. Some areas received well over 20 inches of rain in the month of May. Areas like east Texas, northern Louisiana, southern Arkansas have experienced major flooding (100 year floods) with rivers and streams overflowing their banks, closing highways, flooding towns, and back-filling area lakes and flat lands. The tropical storm named Bill is the latest threat to this area as it is projected to deliver even more treacherous rainfall prolonging the flooding. These weather related events effect so much more than just the local areas. These disasters create a significant strain on the area traffic, infrastructures, and economies for months to follow. You need to know where these areas are and how they may impact you.



If you travel, then you need a weather app for your mobile device or laptop. Most of you may already use an app from your favorite local television station. Almost all of them offer some kind of emergency notification alert systems. This feature will send you an alert when there is predicted inclement weather in your area.  Make sure it provides national coverage as well.  These apps will send you alert notification messages for the area you are currently in. They are a must if you are traveling in areas unfamiliar to you. The app will provide an alert for your current location of any Severe thunderstorms, Flash floods advisories, tornadic activities and any other emergency notifications for the surrounding location.  I also recommend that you turn on the audible alarm for this feature as well.



I use the Weather channel app on all my devices and I use the NOAA web site for forecasting and tracking tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes. I have used a few other weather apps but I found the Weather Channel app to be the best choice for me. The features I like are: the maps with weather overlays are quick and easy to load, there are weather related quick videos to watch, local and national forecast, and I can set a number of cities for quick reference weather related information. (ie. the cities your parents live, your kids college, your best friend, your vacation destination, etc)  Plus fewer ads, although the videos may have an ad or two. You can go to www.weather.com for more information and download the app from your app store. Works on Androids and iphones and I believe Windows based devices.  There are many others, so pick one that fits your needs and stay away from the ones that block your enjoyment with ads.   Most of these apps are free.  Please provide feedback on weather apps that you are using. 


The NOAA web site is a weather junkies dream.  It gives all the meteorologist wanna be's,  a plethora of information. You can be the coolest kid on topic tomorrow at work, rattling off your profound knowledge of atmospheric pressure measured explaining the definition of a millibar as pressure equal to 10 (-3) bar, 100 newtons per square metre or 0.7500617 millimetre of mercury or 1000 dynes to square centimeter.    I mean, who doesn't want to be that guy!  Everything you want or need to know awaits you there.  I recommend you try it out, go click and play, explore the different options and information the site provides.  Go to www.ntc.noaa.gov.  Once there, you can start to drill down on information.  You can get all sorts of data maps that will help you make informed decisions if you are in an area of concern or traveling into or through an area.  Below are some screen shots from the NOAA web site. 





noaa 3


I hope you find this information helpful and useful.  It may just be a reminder to most of you that this data is readily available and you should use it to make informed decisions for you and your family.  Remember TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN when you see flood waters over the road.  It only takes a few inches of flowing water to sweep your vehicle off the surface and down stream.  


If you like this blog, please leave a comment and if you have any suggestions for future blogs, let me know.  Be sure to check out some of the other blogs on here. 


Thank you to NOAA for use of their screen shots.

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